Abobil.no is one of the caravan dealers (caravans, mobile homes / motor homes / RVs or camping equipment) we here at campingportalen.no have registered in Rogaland.

Looking for a new caravan or motorhome?

The most common brands are Adria, Bjølseth, Bürstner, Cabby, Detleffs, Hobby, Kabe, Knaus, LMC / Münsterland, Polar and Solifer, but there are many other less known brands. Each caravan dealer is a supplier of a handful of brands. Visit Abobil.no's web site or contact them for information about which brands they are selling, what they can offer, opening hours etc.

+47 47 25 01 47
Bakkaveien 3D
4352 Kleppe

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